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Like many people during lockdown I became highly invested in the game Animal Crossing. Over 400 hours of bartering bells, fishing, island hopping, harvesting pears but best of all designing tiny spaces with tons of tiny things . There’s nothing more my lil art director heart could hope for.

This was my house during the fall season. I spent months trading items with friends in order to gather all the kitchen appliances. My favorite part is the pin ball machine! 

IMG_0239 2.JPG

The backroom of my house is a small izakaya, also home to the rarest fish I ever caught, the Coelacanth.


My upstairs room is a tiki bar called “Tiki Easy”. We play 1960s KK Slider on the record player and keep the drinks flowing.


My basement is a combo of all the kawaii goodies I gathered over time. It's part bakery, part Sephora & part nail studio. 


My luxurious walk-in bathroom. It’s now a life goal to have a tub like this in my future home. 


I had to give a nod to two of my favorite rides at Disney, Haunted Mansion & Pirates of the Caribbean. I had to befriend a Japanese creator to be able to get a special code for the Haunted Mansion’s classic portraits. 

IMG_0227 2.JPG

I even created one of my favorite bars in LA, Bigfoot West. This was deep in the lockdown y’all.

My basic is showing but I couldn’t build my dreamland without a place to get my PSL.

IMG_0219 2.JPG

My cute neighbors surprised me with an awesome birthday party. There was cake, a piñata and they even gave me gifts!

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