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Ha you made it here! One of my biggest guilty pleasures is celebrity spotting in Los Angeles. I have come to believe I have a spidey sense for it. Below is a journal of my encounters 


Jan. 2017 - Salt Bae- ran into him at the airport the day I moved to LA 


Jan. 2017 - Hillary Duff
She sat in front of me at a Neon Indians concert at the Troubadour. 


Jan. 2017 - Jason Segel
Literally saw him talking a walk of shame at 9AM near Los Feliz


Jan. 2017 - Bella 
Partying with her multiple partners at Camp Flog Gnaw. 


Jan. 2017 - Eric Andre
At Cinemark in Baldwin Hills we partcipated in a crowd for his movie Acid Trip. 


June. 2022 - Guy  
He bumped into me at the food hall in Culver City 


June. 2022 - Natasha Lyon
She was a cinespia watching Suspiria with Chloe Svignin and my dog played with her dog. 


June. 2022 - earl
Saw him grab his bag at LAX


Jan. 2017 - Jason Schwartzman
Met him at Nuart theater he was promoting ___ movie


Jan. 2017 - Han Solo
Walking around Fairfax clearly inebriated 


Jan. 2017 - Good Place guy
He was in line in front of us for a Reggie Watts show at Zebulon


Jan. 2017 - Vanessa Hudgens & 
Eating brunch at All Day fun fact they had their own private parking spot


Jan. 2017 - Merrell Streep
She came to watch Lykke Li at Morroccan Lounge. When I tell you people gasped/parted ways for her. 


Sep. 2022 - Stranger Things 
Calling an Uber outside of
Primavera Sound


June. 2022 - Hannah G  The Bachelor
She was drinking with her roommate at Mama Shelter


June. 2022 - Mac De Marco
Hanging out at Cinespia watching Austin Powers


June. 2022 - earl
Saw him grab his bag at LAX


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