Here is a combination of digital/hand-drawn illustrations, prints and crafty social posts. 




Tepu an L.A. based artist contacted me to do the cover art for his latest single. This is absolutely the kind of work I love. I am passionate about music, illustrations and I get a huge kick out of working with artists from other fields. We went back and worth a couple times on the shades of blue but overall it was an amazing experience to work on this.

 This year I got to create a poster for D&G's Times Up meeting. I chose a topic very relevant to the movement, equal pay. I shot this in my apartment with the help of my hand model/boyfriend. 

21st Amendment Brewery based out of San Francisco has a famous watermelon ale that is released every summer. After doing research we found it was a favorite among woman and especially in the flower crown music festival crowd. We decided to create a social campaign for women by women that reflects beer in a colorful feminine world.

Johnny Rockets is an All-American diner with a ton of classic selections but their Instagram feed didn’t reflect this. They didn’t showcase their fun 50s vibe, fun uniforms, jukeboxes and their unique offerings. We decided to create a couple of social posts that would bring some of their best qualities to life.

This is a project for Sapient Nitro in Miami. They asked me to create a Google home page for National Nutella day. Nutella is often paired with fruits so my initial gut feeling was to use fruits that resemble the Google colors. Each letter was shot separately and then composited to create the logo. It’s crazy to think there are over 60 layers in this one second. 

The goal of the next project was to create a skin care brand that cuts across gender and racial stereotypes. It celebrates, nature, color and our beautiful bodies. 

As a freelance illustrator, I was approached by Tank Brewery and VS Advertising to help illustrate the tap handles for a new up and coming brewery in Miami. This project was a lot of fun because it involved drawing some local iconography.