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We released Jack's games/reviews simultaneously to their real life counter part. With they  over 1 million impressions and over 1K shares we created some of the most successful Jack in the Box posts for the year. Our fans loved it! Even demanding the games to come to life!

e3 Release: mass effect

e3 Release: Call of duty

 e3 Release: god of war

 e3 Release: tekken

e3 Release: madden nfl 18

Long before Super Bowl 2018 “Jack vs Martha” I was tasked with finding their visual identity for the launch of their new “Food Truck Series”. For the first time a fast food company was going to launch artisan hand-crafted and unique menu items inspired by the food truck craze. My creative direction was “make it hipster”. After many ribbons, pretty fonts and several iterations, we have our logo that starred in our Super Bowl commercial.





 Jack in the Box wanted to create a Twitter campaign that would garner attention without costing anything. We knew the finale of  Westworld was approaching and with the confusing nature of the show people were already taking to Twitter to rant. For one night we changed Jack's hat to a black hat to honor one of Westworld's main characters and his tweets shared everyones frustration with a Jack twist. 

jack westworld board.jpg
jack black hat board.jpg

Jack in the Box needed a quick turn around social video  highlighting the new California Breakfast Burrito. We figured some of our best ideas come to us as we shower so we decided to give a peak into Jack's morning  in order to push this kick ass breakfast product. 

Jack in Box's Really Big Chicken Sandwich was one of the favorites in the 90s. Jack in the Box decided to bring it back with a new look and tasked me with coming up with the new logo. 

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